Training Center Kurik (TCK) was created in 2016  to test, prepare and maintain the technical staff training.

Due to the success and to the external requests for test and training of local manpower the Training Base is actually preparing local and expatriate personnel for the biggest Oil & Gas contractors operating in the Caspian area.

Considering the training as the key to ensure a superior quality in our operations, TCK is a new facility designed and built to optimize the spaces, ventilation and comforts for our courses. An high investments in materials, equipment and training staff represents the guarantee for superlative results.


  • 1 Work shop of 690 sm (erected in 2016 on galvanized iron insulated structure)

  • 1 Covered outside area of 144 sm

  • 1 Office for Staff

  • 2 Changing Rooms with Toilettes for Candidates

  • 1 Changing Room and Toilettes for our Staff

  • 1 New Class Room of 105 sm 

  • 2 Containers used as Storage

  • 1 Outside Area of 1000 sm used to store  steel material for Training

  • 1 New Covered outside area 430 sqm

  • 1 Erection Area with 'PipeRack Simulator'

  • 1 New Welding Cabin External for Special Welding/Cutting Process

Our workshop is equipped with:

•    28 Welding Cabins with welding machine GTAW-SMAW-FCAW
•    40 Work Stations for Fitters
•    6 Work Station for Practical Lesson for Mechanical, Instrumental and Electrician
•    2 Class Rooms to carry out Video Lessons and Theoretical Lesson for the different disciplines

•    New Erection area for training Riggers, Iron Workers, Pipe Fitters and Scaffolders simulating the yard condition and situation (Risk Hazard, Work at Height etc...)

•   New welding cabin to train the candidates in Arcair/Plasma Process

We can offer food and accommodation during the training in our camp in Kuryk, the camp is in the same fenced area facilitating the logistics and security of the trainees



Our Training Center s located at less than 7 kilometers from the Yard ERSAI / SAIPEM, midway from the exit for Aktau and the village of Kuryk. It can be reached from Aktau in about 45 minutes by car

For inquires and training requests please contact us by email at info@stamgazstroy.com

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